sexta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2012

No turn of the screw

(a rock’n’roll song: read it loud!)

If you find something unusual, as an alien
descending the clear sky
asking for some hot water
for a tea to brew,
please attend him
do not look him skew

Do not tighten the screw!
Do not tighten the screw!
Do not tighten the screw!

Do not call the police
Do not phone your ex-
in the middle of the night
(maybe s/he is with an one new…)
do not run amok naked
across the morning dew

Do not tighten the screw! (3x)

If you find strange to hear
that a cow has fallen the same
peaceful sky that used to be
so friendly blue
do not open your umbrella
nor ask urgently for a forgotten due

Do not tighten the screw! (3x)

No need to raise a wall
in a remote fortress
to cloister your secluded sight
the only danger you already knew
is your stubborn fixed head
not so easy to hew

Do not tighten the screw! (3x)

So let it loose
as told that rock song
you heard it so right
in old times: in this view
Past has no frames to belief
to remind is to live it anew

Let loose
let loose
let loose
the screw

Vídeo: Paulo Resende
Letra: Guilherme Preger

5 comentários:

  1. Excelentes video e poema! Adorei!

  2. O grupo voltou do recesso com a corda toda! Criações a mil!!!!!

  3. Video bloqueado pela política de segurança da empresa. Poema maneiro.